Demolition Derby

Smash! Demolition Derby

Smash! Overview

Smash! is an action packed 3D multiplayer demolition derby game, set in a thrill sport styled arena of cheering crowds and car crushing environmental hazards. Players compete in ever evolving, challenging rounds of deathmatch for cash and glory, as they customize their car with paint jobs, accessories, weapons and power ups via the collectible 'Carnage Card' loadout system.

Coming Soon to Steam Early Access!



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2nd March 2015

Dev Update #2

Welcome to Development Update #2 - featuring an all new Preview Video with all the latest features and polish. We've also update the...
18th February 2015

Smash! FAQ

Want to know more about Smash? Feel free to ask questions here so we can start to build up a detailed Frequently Asked Questions! In the...